Why soap? Why not soap? 


It's a staple of everyday life and yet it's something we take for granted. We use it several times a day. We clean our clothes with it, wash our dishes, clean our cars. It's invisible until you really need it.

It's solid, beautiful, and useful. Soap is something that can be gifted. It can be shared. It can be enjoyed. It is there in our most intimate times. It's there before a first date. And it's there after a long day's work. It improves the quality of our lives and yet we hardly even think about it.

Well P.S.S.C. thinks about it, and a bunch of other things too. We could have chosen to make anything, but we decided to make soap. A cleaner world can be a better world. But getting dirty is more fun. Just make sure to wash up after.

Be Clean. Use Soap.