Frequently Asked Questions


What is the P.S.S.C. philosophy?

In such a complicated world, we believe that simplicity is key. Everything we do at P.S.S.C always starts with a why. If we don't know why we are doing it, then it’s not worth doing. Before we make any new product we ask ourselves: Is it solid, useful, and beautiful? We believe that the character of an object is just as important as it’s usefulness.

We are proud to create products for your everyday life so that you can feel good about cleaning up before going out and conquering the world!


Why hand made soap?

Soaps found in most stores are not genuine ‘soap’ and are actually considered detergents, full of chemicals and stuff we can’t pronounce. The true definition of soap is: Natural oils or fats mixed with sodium hydroxide (lye).

Pinkerton soap is 100% hand made in small batches. We use a ‘cold process’ that requires no heat, just like your great-great grandparents did. The process of creating soap is called Saponification. Saponification occurs after oils are mixed with a lye solution, which then creates soap and glycerin. Such science!

Before the soap gets to be used in your shower, it has to rest for 4-6 weeks. Why? The resting period is where the bar hardens. Otherwise you would have a soggy bar, and nobody wants a soggy bar.

We weigh it, number it, and cut it slab-style leaving the rough tops intact, giving each bar a unique one-of-a-kind feel that is hand packaged and ready to lather up. We hand pick all of our materials and look for responsibly sourced materials, like organic olive and coconut oils, and essential oils of the purest quality.


Since there is lye in your soap, will it be harmful?

Lye is an alkali that gets mixed with liquids (purified water, coffee, tea, etc.) to create a lye solution. When the solution is mixed with other oils or animal fats, a chemical reaction occurs resulting in soap and glycerin, which as it turns out, is awesome for you skin! Through the chemical process, all of the lye has now changed into soap and glycerin, which takes shape into an amazing Pinkerton bar that is ready to get you clean.


Are there any animal products in your soap?

In an effort to provide you with the best possible products, some of our bars may include animal fat to create a certain desired effect from the soap, but these bars will always be labeled as such. Most of our soaps are 100% vegan with zero animal products. We NEVER test on animals and will never do so. We love animals, they are our best friends.


What is your soap made of?

We label our ingredients with the names that you would know them by. Loads of companies will try to mask their ingredients by using the scientific names. We feel that you deserve to know what’s in your product in plain language, so here is a brief list of what we use compared to what other companies call it:

Sodium Hydroxide = Lye

Sodium Tallowate = Tallow or beef fat combined with Lye

Sodium Olivate = Olive oil combined with Lye

Sodium Cocoate = Coconut Oil combined with Lye

Sodium Palmate = Palm Oil combined with Lye

Saponified Oils = Used in place of saying Sodium Hydroxide or Lye

You get the picture. We will always list the layman’s term, so you don't have to worry about figuring out what’s inside.


What's the best way to use the soap?

However your little heart desires. We prefer you use it to get clean, but if you feel the need to take it on a date or out to a movie, no one is here to judge.


What is the shelf life?

Each person uses soaps differently, but frequent showers (i.e. daily) should give you about 3-4 weeks of use per bar. On the other hand, a bar’s shelf life can last anywhere from 1-2 years if you shower infrequently. But hey, again, we’re not here to judge. We do suggest, however, that you don't leave your soap bar sitting in water for too long. Handmade soaps have a tendency to get soggy and dissolve if you leave it floating. A slotted soap dish is the best way to give your soap a long and happy life. 


What is your history?

P.S.S.C. was founded in 2013 in Fullerton, California by a husband and wife who decided to start making Christmas gifts for their family and friends versus buying them at a store. Being in retail, we had seen what holiday shopping does to people and the stress it causes, so we decided to stay home and get creative. We always loved the way handmade soaps felt on our skin and how they smelled, so we thought we’d take a stab at it. Flash forward to two years later and its gone from a hobby to an obsession. We are now on a full time mission to create the perfect soap, to have a place to share our adventures, to showcase the objects we find useful, solid, and beautiful, and to hopefully make some friends along the way!