Out Living The Dream

"Where have we been?" (you might ask).

 Life has a way of really getting one past you, and we have been busy living this year. Instead of simply saying what we have been up to, I thought it would be cool to tell the time line of our little company. Not only to illustrate what's been going on, but also where we came from and where we are going, with pictures (Yea! Pictures!). So follow along and join us on our trip.

April 2014

Adventure in the Redwood Forest, Ca.

Adventure in the Redwood Forest, Ca.

For our second wedding anniversary we decide to take a road trip to Humbolt County to visit a friend, take in the Redwoods, and see California. On our trip we get the inspiration for a outdoor themed business and our passion ignites.

Trinidad Harbor, Ca

Trinidad Harbor, Ca

With California being home to some of the most amazing forests and coastal sights, we start to formulate the 'Pine Anchor' symbol that will come to adorn all of our products. It's design is to inspire adventure, either deep in the forest or on the seven seas.

November 2014

Early packaging designs, hand stamped and typed with a Underwood- Olivetti  Lettera 32 Typewriter.

Early packaging designs, hand stamped and typed with a Underwood-Olivetti Lettera 32 Typewriter.

With the holidays around the corner, we decide to try to make gifts for others. We always felt home made gifts from the heart were always a little more personal than your run of the mill store bought gifts. After our first batch, we get hooked. We make 'White Soap', a 'Lavender Bar', and a 'Coffee & Oats Scrub Bar'. We pick the name Pinkerton because it evokes a bygone era of craftsmanship and superb handmade goods. 

January 2015

Our first blog.

Our first blog.

We start our first blog. It starts as an homage to our favorite curation websites MollyjoggerHuckberrySanborne Canoe Co.J.Peterman, and a few others. We love the outdoors and a feeling of the winds of nature blowing through our hair. While soap is our passion, we struggled to find a way to do it for more than just a hobby. The blog gave us a way to communicate and get ourselves out into the world. While most of the time we punch the clock for some other company, our true desire is to travel and soak in the sights and smells, and along the way make a business out of those adventures.  Our goal is for our company to grow to be more than just a place to find soap. We hope that you will find inspiration and cool one-of-a-kind items hand picked and hand made by local artists and craftsmen. In time, we will bring the whole show on the road, visiting your hometowns and local craft fairs, supporting the dream of working for oneself through the fruits of one's labor and bringing back the American tradition of quality crafted goods- something that you will fall in love with and want to treasure forever.

December 2015

Holiday gift bags and the inception of our 'Pine Anchor' logo.

We get our first orders. For the holidays, we make 'Grandad's Kettle Corn', 'Salted Butterscotch Dark Chocolate Bars', 'Maple Candied Bacon', 'Flavored Toothpicks', and some seasonal soaps. With every bag that is gifted, we are asked "Where can I buy more?". We get really motivated to push the brand forward and decide to get our business license and copyright the name Pinkerton Soap Supply Company.

January 2016

Seasonal Citrus Limon soap.

Seasonal Citrus Limon soap.

We launch pinkertonsoapsupplyco.com and finalize our look. I'm sure we will change the image over time, but we know we want the rugged look of hand made, materials that are easily recyclable, and a way to communicate our silly antidotes that we hope make you smile.

May 2016 and the trail beyond...

So here we are in the present. Our shop is now online and we are looking forward to the future. We hope that you come to love our brand as much as we do, and are as passionate about it as we are. The trail in front of us is yet undiscovered, but we are overjoyed to explore it.  And hey, if we get dirty on the way, then so be it. And remember, Be Clean. Use Soap.


Pinkerton Soap Supply Company founders Scott and Stephanie Roberts in: Yorba Linda Regional Park, CA; Klamath, CA; Berlin, Germany; Big Bear Mountain, CA. We hand make all our soaps, are both writers, photographers, animal lovers, and collectors of things.